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Today’s society has many pictures of “love.”  Be it the fairytale romance, the gratification of social media popularity, or our focus on physical beauty, mainstream society shows us an unattainable definition of who is loved and how love feels.  The true definition of love is the love that God has for his people.  All of his people.  No matter your outside appearance, socioeconomic status, place of residence, race, age, religion; God loves you.  Deeply.  Truly.  As an expression of this love, He not only sent Christ to die for you, but he also sent His church to show His love to others.  His people are made to be a conduit of His love to the people of the world, and through His love, with His love, we love.  Unconditionally.  Always.  Through Him, because of Him, we are to love, and love well.

These people represent Gods people.  These faces are His face.  Beautiful, loved, and loving.  I paint each person just as they are.  No pose, no background, just them.  Their beauty isn’t held in their outward appearance, it is in the love that God has for them, and shows through them.  These are His people.  They are loved.  And because of God’s love for them, they are His love to the world.

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