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In this body of work I am concerned with the act of communication between us, imperfect humans, and a holy God.  Through scale and the method of representation, I show the differences between the way God speaks to us, and we to him.  In my larger works, I deal with the God's method of communicating with humankind through the Holy Spirit and the Word.  His touch on our lives is both grand, and personally affecting.  His word is both imposing and intimate.  I represent this interplay between grandeur and intimacy by using a large, yet throughly human scale in my work.  Though compositionally simple, these works represent emotionally complex subject matter, and are interacted with most effectively from being viewed both far away and close up. 
On the other hand, our continuous reach towards God is represented by a more intimate, small scale.  Through the act of drawing, repetitive representation, and the process of layering images and materials, I show our everlasting struggle to communicate with God.  This work is conceptually simpler, but visually more complex and confused, due to the nature of the relationship it describes.  Our lives are a daily struggle to show God our love and ask for his blessings by imperfect, human means. 
Through this entire body of work, I show the complexity of the human relationship with our creator, the imperfection in which we are able to interact with him, as well as the growing faith that we gain by continuously walking towards him.  Each day our struggle to understand and connect with God starts anew, but we are promised that if we seek him, he will find us.


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