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God’s Word is by nature creative.  God spoke the world into being, using his voice, his Word, for creation’s power.  Similarly, he made us in his image to be creators.  He gave us the power to make things new.  Each piece in this series is a prayer, a contemplation.  I hold His Word in my hands, meditate on it, use it to inspire.  To illuminate his purpose.  Each page is precious, full of meaning, worth attention.  Drawing, painting, and stitching provides a tactile, physical act of meditative motion.  It is both everyday and precious, just like the Word of God.   


This body of work is created using pages from an antique German Bible I acquired during my time living in Germany. I take each page and, through prayer, create a visual representation of God’s message.  Utilizing both personal and conventional symbolism, I layer meaning using a combination of many media and both abstract and representational elements.  Each piece includes thread as both a mark making element, and an element that contributes to personal contemplation and prayer.  Stitching, as a repetitive process, becomes meditative; stitching on scripture becomes unspoken prayers as I create each piece.  

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