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God is found all around us.  In the leaves, in a crack in the sidewalk, in the sound of traffic on a busy street.  Many people go to church to find God; but to truly find God, all you have to do is step outside of the church building and look around.  His words are everywhere, His message is found in things both large and small. 

Our perception in limited, so even when we do find God, we see him incompletely.  Our eyes only take snapshots in time, we only see a moment, one small viewpoint within the vast plan of God.  We layer these moments, through memory, through association, to find a fuller picture, though still incomplete. 


For this body of work I have layered, recontextualized, and refocused scenes I encountered upon exiting a church building.  Each scene contains a message, a lesson, an aspect of God.  I created symbols for each message, giving the scene a new context, a different interpretation.  Through layering scene, symbol, and mark, by reformatting space and perception, I emulate our though process in the search for God, as well as our limited perception in this ongoing dialogue.

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