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     "My work explores aspects of Christian spirituality and worship through simple figurative compositions, mixed media collage, and juxtaposition of diverse images.  I delve into questions such as how we communicate with God, how people daily act out their faith, and what it is to be living in an utterly broken world.  Reoccurring themes in my work are the nature of divinity and its presence in our everyday, imperfect lives; the temporary nature of man as contrasted to the permanent nature of his soul; and the relationship that man has with God, and God with man, and the manner in which that relationship is executed.

     My primary medium is acrylic, though I also work in encaustic and mixed media drawing.  I use each material with intentionality, giving thought to both the inherent qualities suggested through art historical reference, and the visual weight and texture each material adds to a piece.  I am drawn to transparent layering of materials and paint application as a method to suggest space and the passage of time, as well as the fragility and ephemeral quality of the subject matter."

- Jennie Kimbrough


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